Giving the Past a Future

RJW–Gem Campbell Stonemasons Inc. represents the fusion of two renowned Canadian masonry businesses to create a one stop shop for masonry-related products and services. RJW Stonemasons’ services include heritage masonry restoration, new stone construction, stonecutting and stone carving, which compliment Gem Campbell’s expertise in exterior stone veneer and stone manufacturing.

With over 75 years of combined company experience, extensive capital machinery and equipment, geographic coverage, and field and management expertise we are well positioned to serve a wide range of public and private sector clients throughout North America.

Our specialty is the heritage restoration of significant public buildings.

Featured Project: West Block Rehabilitation Project

We are currently completing the stonemasonry restoration work for the rehabilitation of the West Block Building of Canada's Parliamentary Precinct... Learn more

Video Series:

Follow the progress of this important project in our new video series. Learn about the team as well as the exciting blend of traditional methods, thousands of years old, and the brand new technology being used in its execution.

Profile: Robert J. Watt

President, and traditionally trained stonemason Robert John Watt apprenticed at age sixteen in Scotland and emigrated to Canada during 1975... Learn more