Centre Block, South Façade

Role: Subcontractor
Architect / Consultant: Chris Borgal and Carol Lumsdon, Heritage Conservation Directorate
Date Completed: October 1997
Location: Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario

Nearly every form of heritage conservation technique was used on the project, including Jahn repairs, indents, blind exfoliation repairs, photogrammetry, templating, stitching, stonecutting and setting, reconstruction, epoxy repairs and in-situ dressing back of displaced or badly eroded stones, both ashlar and carved.

Thousands of stones were dismantled and rebuilt or replaced on the chimneys and turrets, and extensive earthquake reinforcement was installed. The project continued with the dismantling, restoration and rebuilding of the groin vaulted Senate entrance.

The intricate cut and carved replacement stones were processed on site in our specially built banker shop. While onsite, the company also replaced the steps and sidewalks leading up to the Peace Tower. Concurrent with construction, Bobby Watt delivered a twice-weekly night course on masonry techniques to the forty-odd restoration crewmembers who were repointing the whole facade for the prime masonry subcontractor.