Library of Parliament

Role: Subcontractor
Architect / Consultant: Spencer Higgins Architects
Architect Reference: Spencer Higgins
Date Completed: November 2005
Location: Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful buildings in the country, this architectural icon was completely restored. The scope of work included:

  • Thousands of stones of all shapes and sizes were cut and carved in new stone and replaced in the wall.
  • The huge stair tower roof was rebuilt after being stored on the ground for decades, as was the Main Staircase.
  • Dutchman and Jahn repairs, pinning, and consolidations were carried out.
  • Cutting out and repointing of fine mortar joints in ashlar work and many other interventions were used in this multi-year project.

If Walls Could Talk

A complete restoration of the Jewel in Canada’s crown!

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If walls could talk

The Library of Parliament would have a rich story to tell about our stonemasonry expertise!

This picture depicts the following:

  1. Complex moulded and radial cut Berea sandstone voussoirs
  2. Relieving arch in Potsdam sandstone
  3. Every mortar joint in building was raked out and repointed
  4. Stone repairs and replacements in Nepean sandstone
  5. Main stair rebuilt with new vaulted support structure and replacement Dolomitic limestone column bases
  6. New complex moulded Berea sandstone jambs