Stone Cutting

As a result of its new state of the art facility, RJW–Gem Campbell Stonemasons Inc. has the capability to complete both primary and secondary stone cutting through to the manufacture of dimensioned stone. Secondary stone cutting capacity is up to 18” and the capability exists to prepare various specialized stone components such as lintels, sills, jambs and other architectural elements. Most of our projects involve some stone cutting, however, significant examples follow:

  • United Arab Emirates New Embassy | New construction from French limestone.
  • Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario | Restoration of the Library of Parliament.
  • Saudi-Arabian Embassy, Ottawa, Ontario | Construction of the cut stone exterior of a new limestone embassy building in Ottawa for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Rideau Hall, Mappin Wing, Ottawa, Ontario | Restoration, reconstruction and stonecutting to repair the exterior façade of the Governor General’s residence.