Heritage masonry restoration services have been the mainstay of RJW Stonemasons for more than 25 years. We offer a very broad range of services including cutting and repointing, wall dismantling and reconstruction, preparation of new stone replacements, spot repairs using various techniques such as dutchman and Jahn, pinning and fracture repairs and anchor placement.

Representative projects include the following:

  • Victoria Memorial Museum Building, Ottawa, Ontario | Structural reconstruction and restoration of museum.
  • Brock Monument, Queenston, Ontario | Structural reconstruction and restoration of the Brock Monument.
  • Rideau Hall, Ottawa, Ontario | Reconstruction and restoration of the Mappin Wing.
  • Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario | Restoration and reconstruction of the Library of Parliament.
  • Queens Park, Toronto, Ontario | Restoration of the Ontario Legislature Building.
  • Center Block South facade, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario | Extensive heritage conservation and reconstruction of all chimneys and turrets.
  • La Fortaleza, Guanica Lighthouse, Capitol building and Church of San José, San Juan, Puerto Rico | Heritage masonry work at a number of historic sites on the island of Puerto Rico.
  • Jacob Wray Mould Fountain, Manhattan, New York | Restoration, carving and reinstallation of the 1871 fountain in front of the City Hall in Manhattan.
  • Madison Square Park, New York, New York | Fountain restoration and new reflecting pool.
  • St. Matthias Anglican Church, Parkdale, Ontario | Restoration of the west face; rebuilding of front steps.
  • St. John's Anglican Church, Smiths Falls, Ontario | Restoration.
  • St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Ottawa, Ontario | Restoration.
  • Malabar State Park, Ohio | Demolition and rebuilding of 130-year old stone barn foundation.